Face Shield or procedure mask?

Face shield are increasingly used by workers in all fields, but also by individuals in their daily activities. For example, many people wear a visor when they go to the grocery store, shopping malls or any other closed establishment.

FAQ on the use of face shields or masks?

Why wear a face shield?

Just as its name indicates, the face shield provides protection between the wearer and those around him. The visor, also known as a face shield, allows people who are in contact with the wearer to see his or her facial expression, unlike a medical, surgical or fabric face shield.

Many visor wearers mention that it is more comfortable to wear this type of protection than a mask or face shield and that it causes less heat sensation.

Am I protected with a face shield?

Often used in the hospital field, the face shield is usually worn in conjunction with a mask. The visor is also used in fields where the physical distance of 2 meters is impossible to maintain, such as hairdressing and catering.

Studies conducted in 2014 regarding the use of visors and their protection from influenza, showed a significant 96% to 97% reduction in inhalation exposure to large infectious particles thrown up by a person coughing nearby.

The scientific community is currently studying the protection of the visor against the coronavirus and its possibilities of transmission, taking into account the reduced size of the particles emitted in the air.

Are face shields as effective as masks?

The procedure mask coupled with the face shield remains the optimal solution. On the other hand, if the worker cannot wear a face shield due to severe discomfort or excessive sweating, then the visor alone can be considered to provide some protection, much better than no protection at all.

Is a protective face shield more comfortable to wear than a mask?

One of the reasons why some workers turn to the visor is precisely because of its increased comfort compared to the single-use mask or the fabric face cover.

In conclusion, what are the advantages and disadvantages of wearing a face shield?

Advantages of the face shield

  • It protects against large droplets
  • It protects the eyes, which can be an entry point for infection
  • It helps ventilate the wearer’s face, unlike a mask or face cover
  • It allows a greater comfort at the level of breathing
  • It prevents the glasses from fogging up

Disadvantages of the face shield

  • It can be a little cumbersome depending on the wearer’s movements
  • It does not protect against aerosols